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Iyengar yoga is an innovative style of yoga – part 01

- by Delilah King, diretor from the B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga Institute Amsterdam
The benefits of Iyengar yoga are abundant. Everyone, from the young to the old, from the healthy to the unwell, is searching for a way to evolve physically, intellectually, emotionally and/or spiritually. All can benefit from the measurable qualities that Iyengar yoga has to offer.
The distinguishing features of Iyengar yoga are precise alignment, the use of props, sequencing and timing.
Namaskar Yoga foto: Adriana Vieira
The precise, anatomical positioning within the framework of the asana works the muscles evenly and efficiently. The detailed attention given to the yoga postures (asanas) develops good posture, awareness and understanding to the whle of the body.
Mr. Iyengar calls this attention to asana “skillful action”. With continued practice the student learns how to penetrate from the “skin to the bone” – the yoga posture becomes a module for self-exploration on the physical, physiological, emotional and intellectual level.
The body and mind develop in a harmonious way.
One of the most innovative developments in yoga is Mr. Iyengar’s use of props.
Props are used to modify the yoga asana so that the weak, injured or aged can have access to and benefit from yoga. As well, props give the healthy practitioner a sense of direction and provide stability so that one can penetrate deeper into the pose. “They (props) initiate actions that are considered to be beyond one’s imagination.”
***Next month read more about Iyengar yoga and Asanas , by Delilah King parte 02
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